Discover the 15 projects of the WebSchool Factory's students

Within the framework of the partnership between the Korian Foundation and the Factory Foundation, 15 teams of 1st year students from the WebSchool Factory have, during 4 weeks, in teams, imagined and designed concepts around 2 subjects:

  •         COVID - Internal social link: What interactions between EHPAD residents, what activities and according to what modalities in times of epidemic?
  •        COVID - External social link: What logistics and organisation are needed to preserve a social link with the outside world, whether physical or digital, in times of epidemics?


Congratulations to them and their mentors, because despite the exceptional circumstances and working at a distance, the 15 teams presented worked concepts, with a real reflection on the expectations and uses of residents and professionals (their grandparents were put to work during the lockdown).


See you next year for new projects around memory and transmission...