End-of-life and death in healthcare facilities : a taboo that must be broken
Goals: understand why death is a taboo subject and the reasons behind this denial, and learn about how professionals deal with death, grieving, and end-of-life care.

With the support of the members of its Scientific Council, and in response to the expectations of professionals, the Korian Foundation has decided to conduct a study on end-of-life and death in healthcare facilities. This programme was inspired and supported by Marie de Hennezel, a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Council. 

Her question was a simple but very sensitive one: 

  • how can we support people at the end of their life in facilities that care for the elderly?
  • How do caregivers feel about these moments?
  • How do the other residents and patients feel about the death of people they care about and enjoy spending time with?

The results of these discussions with all interested parties (caregivers, doctors, carers, families, patients, and residents) were published in a white paper summarising all the research and discussions carried out over one year.

A survey was sent to all members of the Korian network in France to assess current practices: how a death is announced to others, how the wishes of the deceased person and his or her family are taken into account, how the body is removed from the facility, and any special measures that may be taken.

In light of the results, and given how sensitive the topics of end-of-life and death can be, the Foundation has decided to promote greater awareness of these issues by expanding on five major topics that emerged from this research. 

Find out more about these 5 topics:

Death denial

Vidéo in French


Paying tribute to the deceased

Vidéo in French


Grief before death 

Vidéo in French


Respecting the person’s wishes

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Supporting, raising awareness, and listening to families and professionals 

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A live discussion and five ‘Matinales’ (breakfast sessions) were held in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Le Bourget, and Orléans to engage in dialogue with the general public and all interested parties. 


Plateau - La mort parlons-en

The results of these sessions and discussions have been consolidated in an interactive online document.

End of life: Let’s talk about death >