Korian Foundation is participating in ACTIVAGE project
The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well is particpating in ACTIVAGE, a european project that aims to try different digital platforms (ioT) dedicated to healthy ageing of elderly people.

This project is financed by the European Union's H2020 program for €20m. The pilot trial has been tested at nine deployment sites (DS) across seven European countries : France (Isère), Germany (Ober-Ramstadt), Spain (Galicia, Madrid & Valencia), Italy (Emilia-Romagna), Finland, the United Kingdom (Leeds) and Greece.

Déploiement ACTIVAGE en Europe

The main objectives of the ACTIVAGE project :

  1. To deploy and test digital solutions (IoT) to reinforce elderly people's independance in their living environment in order to slow down frailty and to improve their quality of life.
  2. To develop the use of the digital solutions for individuals, home care and facility professionals and measure their impact on the organisation of assistance for elderly people.
  3. To allow and expedite the process of launching new services and products thanks to digital solutions and to offer new economic, financial and organisational models so that society can adapt to ageing.
  4. To ensure the protection of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Analysis and testing are done on two scales :

  • At a national scale for each deployment site
  • On a global scale to build a common European outlook of the project.


Objectives of the French depolyment site :

The French deployment site, which includes ten partners (CD38, CEA-LETI, IMA, TECHNOSENS, KORIAN, The Korian Foundation for Ageing-Well, STM, MADOPA, FFD, TASDA, MINALOGIC) with a budget of €2,9m, aims to develop and test personalised care, and professional organisations that combine digital and human assistance that would allow elderly people to live in their homes for as long as possible. It comprises three sample groups that cover the three main stages of ageing of one's life path with 150 tests under real conditions :


  • Sample group 1 : Living well at home (50 retired active seniors)
  • Sample group 2 : Independence at home (20 frail seniors)
  • Sample group 3 : Returning home (80 seniors that were hospitalised at the Korian Les Granges post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic)

ACTIVAGE Project in Isère












Partners of the French deployment site : CD38 - CEA LETI - IMA - TECHNOSENS - la Fondation Korian pour le Bien-Vieillir - STM - MADOPA - FFD - TASDA - MINALOGIC


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