Korian Foundation Roadmap 2020
The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well is entering its third year of activity with renewed energy and ambition to promote applied research in the service of the quality of care and life of the elderly and their inclusion in society.




The Korian Foundation participates in the INSPIRE research project, created at the initiative of the Gérontopôle de Toulouse, in order to identify and validate biomarkers of healthy ageing.

Four Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation clinics in the Occitania region are participating in the constitution of cohorts by including patients in the system. They will also evaluate new rehabilitation models based on WHO recommendations aimed at maintaining the intrinsic capacities of patients identified as frail (ICOPE programme).



Planned for April 2020:

Launch of the study on the assessment of impaired executive function in nursing home residents to design training for carers on the management of executive disorders and targeted support plans using non-medication therapies. The study will be conducted with the Gérontopôle Autonomie Longévité des Pays de la Loire and Professor Gilles Berrut. 



Launch of the evaluation of the impact of the Passerelle Assist'Aidant association's support system on the quality of life of 20 family carers and that of their families, whose loved one lives in a retirement home or at home. The Médéric Alzheimer Foundation will be the evaluator of the system.





 "serge Aging well implies first of all that the environment adapts to the realities of people as they age. Too often, public policies, lack of thinking and the culture of the techno all too often do exactly the opposite. An environment that adapts is thought of at the level of the actual living space, where exchanges, civility and places of connection are most obvious, simple and shared".

 Serge Guérin, sociologist, professor at Inseec SBE, President of the Scientific Council of the Korian Foundation for the Ageing Well





Events open to all will be organised in Paris at the One Point with experts and personalities from the health sector, civil society and politics, invited to debate on the following topics.




Logo STRATE How can artificial intelligence and robotics improve the quality of working life for carers? Robotics By Design Lab, the first dedicated cross-disciplinary joint laboratory, created by the STRATE design school in partnership with Korian, the Korian Foundation and several partners, will start a thesis in close collaboration with several pilot establishments of the Korian group.


université catholique de lyon

A partnership around research and training will also be concluded with the Catholic University of Lyon. The ambitions are twofold: to set up scientific meetings and to carry out a multi-year research programme.



A partnership with the Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes (SNH) which marks the operational start of the study assessing the added value of hypnosis in the care of patients with symptoms of pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.