Launch of the Korian Foundation in Germany
Korian Germany continues its social commitment through the launch of its Foundation for Ageing Well.


The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well in Germany is headed by the former Member of the German Parliament and spokesperson for care policy, Elisabeth Scharfenberg. Eckart von Malsen, a Franco-German lawyer specialising in European issues, is in charge of financial and legal follow-up. The Munich office of the Korian Foundation is managed on a daily basis by Viola Baumgärtner, consultant and project manager. 

The German Foundation supports innovative projects and initiatives in the field of elderly care and health care. The Foundation's work focuses in particular on caregivers. Indeed, the Covid-19 health crisis has once again underlined the relevance and place of these professionals in the care system. Therefore, in order to maintain continuity of care, it is more important than ever to support and strengthen the nursing staff in their daily work.

"It is a great pleasure to be able to help set up this important foundation. The well-being of the nursing staff has always been my motivation, even in my work as a Member of the Bundestag. I can now make an active contribution to the Korian Foundation in Germany. In each of our projects, the focus will be on the nursing staff," promises Elisabeth Scharfenberg. "Our first project directly addresses the day-to-day work of the nursing staff.