Launch of the "Robotics by design Lab"
Strate Ecole de Design, in partnership with Korian and its Foundation, launched on December 9, 2019 the very first cross-disciplinary laboratory dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

This laboratory, Robotics by design Lab is launched for a period of 4 years in collaboration with several companies (Korian, BNP Paribas Cardif, SNCF, Frog-Altran), start-ups (Spoon) and schools (ENSTA Paris, CESI).

This project aims to be a platform for experimentation in order to question the place of social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in concrete everyday contexts. The main objective is to federate the actors involved in service robotics in order to create and evaluate new practices and objects, in a user-centered approach.

In fact, beyond the futuristic and technophile aspect, there is a real challenge to rethink the contribution of robotics in the ecosystem of the elderly, especially in retirement homes and health institutions. This is why the laboratory will experiment new forms and possible life scenarios with these devices so that they meet the needs of potential users.

In this context, Korian and the Korian Foundation wish to investigate on how AI and robotics can concretely improve the quality of healthcare professional's working life. In summary, work will be specifically carried out with Korian professionals as part of a university thesis that will begin in 2020.

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Robotics by design lab