Winner of the 2018 korian foundation award
Objectives: To recognise an action of solidarity aimed at promoting ties, solidarity, or transmission of knowledge between at least two generations.

On Thursday, 12 April 2018 the Korian Foundation, in partnership with La Fonda, revealed the winner of its first call for projects for associations and other organisations in the field of social solidarity. The theme was promoting intergenerational ties at the local level. 

The jury, made up of members of the Foundation's Scientific Council and representatives from Korian and La Fonda, awarded €15,000 to the Aveyron Ségala Viaur cultural centre to support its Oreilles en Balade (Strolling Ears) project. 

Oreille en balade

The aim of ‘Oreilles en Balade’ is to help listeners discover the history and cultural heritage of a town as told by elderly people. Listeners can enjoy learning about the town's local heritage as they stroll along marked pathways created by local organisations, including schools.





The Foundation also awarded an honourable mention to Bras Dessus, Bras Dessous, a neighbourhood solidarity network for the elders in Brussels.

Bras dessus, bras dessousBras Dessus, Bras Dessous, an association founded in 2015 in Brussels, is a neighbourhood solidarity network that places seniors in contact with volunteers ready to spend some of their free time with isolated seniors in order to bring them meals or simply enjoy each other's company. The goal is to strengthen ties between generations




The Korian Foundation also recognised the work of the Liberty Jens association, with the support of Bistrot Mémoire Rennais, and its voluntary contribution to making the city of Rennes more welcoming for people with cognitive disabilities. 

Liberty Jens

The ‘Liberty Jens’, a group of five 10-year-old pupils, took the initiative of contacting Bistrot Mémoire Rennais for help in setting up a programme to help people affected by Alzheimer's disease. 






These three projects were selected from among the 90 submissions received by the Foundation. Eleven of these projects were pre-selected on the basis of their remarkable quality. 


A few words on this award ceremony from Sophie Boissard, Chair of the Korian Foundation:
"By creating this award, the Foundation wanted to promote and actively support local initiatives designed to strengthen ties between people of different generations and change how we view elderly people. The success of this first edition, which received 90 high-quality submissions, shows the dynamic work being done at a local level. The award-winning project, ‘Les Oreilles en Balade', which created historic audio archives, was developed by the Aveyron Ségala Viaur cultural centre and is an exemplary, ambitious project that uses the memories of our senior citizens to promote and highlight a town's local heritage. The initiators of this fantastic project will have access to Korian’s own network and that of its partners so that they can pursue their venture on a greater scale.”