The Board of Directors

The Korian Board of Directors is made up of leading figures from within and outside Korian, each of whom is a member of one of three committees: representatives of the Korian group, Korian group employees, and representatives of the Foundation’s Scientific Council.

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation’s purpose is carried out and that the multi-year agenda is implemented.

  • It defines general and strategic policies and guidelines.
  • It votes on the budget and approves the financial statements for the most recent financial year.
  • It adopts the Foundation’s annual action plan.
  • It ensures that all Foundation actions and projects are implemented properly.
Sophie Boissard
Sophie Boissard
Marie-Anne Fourrier
General delegate
Serge Guerin
Serge Guérin
Sociologist and Chairman of the Foundation’s Scientific Council
Didier Armaingaud
Didier Armaingaud
Group Chief Medical, Ethics and Quality Officer Korian Group
Bart Bots
Bart Bots
International Development Director Korian Group
Remi Boyer
Rémi Boyer
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Marie De Hennezel
Marie de Hennezel
Psychologist and Writer
Philippe Gutton
Philippe Gutton
Psychiatrist and Chairman of Old’Up
Nicolas Mérigot
EVP France
Frédérique Pain
Frédérique Pain
Designer, Director of Research and Innovation at STRATE School of Design
Charles-Antoine Pinel
Charles-Antoine Pinel
Chief Strategic Marketing Officer and new services development
Barbara Grill
Hotel and catering manager Korian Italy
Dr Priscilla Clot-Faybesse Malfuson
Directrice Médicale Territoriale
Peter Persyn
Conseiller médical et éthique Korian
Nicolas Pécourt
Directeur de la communication groupe Korian
Catherine Miffre
Directrice de la Recherche et Innovation en Santé KORIAN FRANCE