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The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well surrounds itself with partners that are highly renowned in the clinical research sector and in human and social sciences, as well as with industrial partners and social and solidarity economy stakeholders in order to foster genuine scientific cooperation.

Themes/areas of action of the partnerships

Every year, a number of themes are chosen to determine the selection of our partners. Each partnership proposal must be in line with one of the four major areas of action (social value, autonomy, solidarity, and prevention) that underpin the Foundation's philosophy.

In 2020, the following areas of action have been proposed as a priority for the Foundation:

  • Digital/Artificial intelligence and Robots: how can they be used to benefit seniors and care professionals now and in the future? What ethical approaches should be mobilised?
  • Promotion of care professionals and professions: how can we change the way people view and think about the elderly-care and support professions? What are the ethics of the caregiver profession? How can we better support care professionals, particularly the least valued?
  • Solidarity/intergenerational ties/inclusion: how can we develop local initiatives in favour of solidarity and intergenerational ties, and work together to build a more inclusive society for seniors?
  • Supporting autonomy: encouraging and supporting people suffering from a loss of autonomy to enable them to continue to lead fulfilled lives, whatever their situation or place of residence.

Potential forms of partnership


  1. Cooperation within the framework of one or more research projects: the objective in this context is to implement and evaluate an original clinical application, with a view to obtaining concrete, short-term benefits for patients, the elderly, or professionals. These projects must not exceed 18 months in duration, and the results must be communicated jointly and a policy implemented to encourage deployment within facilities.
  2. Support for long-term research actions and training programmes: cooperation on Ph.D theses or Chair projects and/or with research laboratories...within the framework of shared themes and joint work.
  3. Cooperation on seminars/conferences/study sessions in connection with the themes supported by the Korian Foundation.

Financial sponsorship is only possible if it is linked to one of the three forms of partnership listed above, and if it includes a high level of visibility for the Korian Foundation.

How to become a partner of the Foundation

Our future partners must submit a partnership application to the Korian Foundation that includes the following:

  • A presentation of their organisation
  • Objective evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, relating to their project

The partnership application will then be sent to the members of the Foundation's Scientific Council, who will make a decision on an appropriate response. Each application will receive a reasoned reply.
For 2020, applications must reach us by the following dates:

  • 28/02/2020 for implementation in the second half of 2020
  • 16/10/2020 for implementation in the first half of 2021