Inclusion through the development of autonomy

Our contemporary societies are based on performance, speed, and individualism – with the result being that the ill and vulnerable often feel excluded or marginalised.
This means that it is vital to encourage and support individuals suffering from a loss of autonomy – whatever their home environment or other circumstances – to allow them to continue to lead fulfilled lives and to help them overcome their fears: fear of how others may see them, fear of being unable to access particular places, or fear of some other type of failure.

Supporting and highlighting the work of the caregivers and carers who together strive to maintain the autonomy of fragile individuals on a daily basis is also vital.

To this end, the Foundation will be supporting actions and research programmes related to the following themes:

  • Preserving seniors’ autonomy and abilities, whether in nursing homes, in facilities, or at home
  • Therapeutic education: making patients more autonomous and responsible in caring for their own health
  • Evaluation and promotion of outpatient care (day care, etc.)
  • Promoting the work and support of caregivers