Inclusion through solidarity

Professions involving care and assistance for people who are vulnerable or suffering from a loss of autonomy have a high human component, and involve a wide range of women and men bringing all their commitment and expertise to bear for the well-being of those they care for.

This one-of-a-kind vocation means that care workers and the facilities in which they operate are also key resources when it comes to assisting families and promoting social integration at the local level, wherever they are.

The Korian Foundation therefore would like to develop initiatives in support of caregivers, in particular working carers and single-parent families.

Rallye sportif avec Educap City

Sports rally with Educap City to educate youths about being good citizens and understanding disabilities by introducing them to local institutions in their city (including Korian homes).

To help make sure everyone benefits from the same opportunities for success, and to assist young people from underprivileged backgrounds in finding a job, the Foundation also will be offering tutoring programmes and job-shadowing internships to introduce them to professions relating to the elderly and make them aware of the interests of the personal services industry.

The Korian Foundation will be implementing a skills patronage programme in all of these various areas, enabling Korian employees who so wish to devote part of their working hours to actions undertaken alongside non-profit associations whose goals are relevant to the Foundation’s commitments.