Evibe: the 1st immediate well-being assessment scale
Objectives: To verify the convergence between EvIBE and another scale assessing the quality of life in patients with cognitive disorders: the QoL-AD (Quality of Life-Alzheimer’s Disease) scale.

Understanding the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders is essential to understand the impact of the condition on the individual. 

However, the scales used for these people are time-consuming and none allow for the direct measurement of quality of life for people with significant cognitive disorders. 

A visual analogue scale was created in order to meet the need for a direct assessment of the perceived quality of life in people with major cognitive disorders: the EVIBE scale

Video in French


Back side: for the healthcare professional.
1: low level of well-being 5: high level of well-being


Front side: for the patient.
3 images representing facial expressions (happy, neutral, or sad)