Physical activity at every age
Objectives: To evaluate the effect of physical exercise on the functional capacities of people with cognitive disorders.

Physical exercise can improve functional capacities and reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms (in particular depression) in people with cognitive disorders.

But quality clinical trials using physical activity to improve or delay the decrease in the functional capacity of elderly people in long-term care nursing homes are practically non-existent.

And the socialisation aspect of this type of group fitness activities has a non-negligible beneficial effect on the health of elderly people.

A different way is possible!

The LEDEN study clearly shows that it is possible to move beyond clinical observations and standardised evaluations, in a way that better reflects our residents’ preferences and needs.
By following a few simple rules, every activity can become a pleasurable occasion – each person can benefit from it naturally.
The type of activity is much less important than the way in which it is carried out.
Other analyses are under way to understand the long-term effects of these activities once they have ended.

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