Better prescriptions: drawing back the curtain on anticholinergic medications!
Objectives: To assess the impact of a therapeutic optimisation programme on potentially inappropriate prescriptions of anticholinergic drugs (over a period of 12 months) 

In collaboration with the Vidal Group and Medissimo, one million lines of prescriptions written by self-employed doctors working in nursing homes were analysed and compared with the rules for proper use of medicinal products. 

The results highlight a major area for improvement concerning the use of anticholinergic medications. In fact, the anticholinergic effects of the drugs prescribed were often not sought by the prescriber. These effects were of secondary importance compared to the principal effect of the drug. However, these drugs can carry a risk for elderly people.

That is why the Korian Foundation launched the DEMASCH study: ‘Drawing back the curtain on anticholinergic medications’ in nursing homes. 

This is the first study on this topic with the aim of obtaining a significant reduction in the use of anticholinergic drugs. In practice, this means making it easier to identify these medications and offer a therapeutic alternative.

Launch of the study with all partners in Nancy, France, on 14/06/2018