Covid-19 : Literature Review

The Korian Foundation has chosen to overhaul its European literature review programme in order to take into account the health crisis linked to COVID-19, and to use its scientific expertise to produce a special COVID-19 issue, accessible in French and English. 

This review is the result of a collective work, carried out in conjunction with the Korian Group's Health France Medical Department and Dr Fariba Kabirian. Volume 1 of this special review is devoted to the symptomatology of COVID-19, and volume 2 deals with the different treatment options used. Volume 3 is dedicated to Tests and immunity.

Indeed, while waiting for a large vaccination coverage, only tests are today efficient to detect and isolate early the positive persons, in order to break the transmission chain and reduce the spread of the virus. The 4th volume deals with vaccines. All reviews are available for download on the right column of this page. 


Enjoy reading!