Robotics by Design Lab : Summer camp 2020!


Strate, design school and partner of the Korian Foundation organised on 11th June the first Summer Camp of Robotics by Design Lab, the joint laboratory on Artificial Intelligence and Social Robots.

It is indeed the first time that the participants of this unique project met and presented the subjects of the PhD students in order to reflect together on the future of robotics.


In a room at Strate, among guests in person and others in video-conference, Ioana Ocnarescu, director of Strate Research and of this brand new laboratory, opened the session by presenting the lab, its multidisciplinarity, its genesis, its particularities and its functioning. Sylvie Captain-Sass (researcher in neuroscience and teacher at Strate) accompanied the exchanges as a graphic facilitator to propose a clearer, more concise and graphic vision!

An enriching day thanks to the exchanges of employees too long restricted to communicating by e-mail, due to the lockdown.


The guests:

  • Catherine Simon, evangelist in robotics, came to present her vision of robotics through her presentation "Robots for peace" which she also exhibited at UNESCO.
  • Aude Letty (Korian Foundation for Ageing Well), Fabrice Flottes de Pouzols (Korian) and Thomas Watkins (Unimes) shared their views on Nawelle's thesis aimed at exploring the potential of robotics in nursing homes, in particular with nursing staff.

  • Luisa Damiano (University of Messina) specialist in "ethics and robotics" and Gentiane Venture (GV Lab of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), the 2 foreign partners of Robotics by Design lab explained their research and points of view on robotics.


Robotics by design lab's ambition is to soon find common lines of research based on these themes! To be continued...