Analysis of the practice of hypnosis on Korian Le Grand Parc

On 1st July 2020, the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well, the Korian Group's Medical and Health Department and the Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes (National Union of Hypnotherapists) met the teams of the Korian le Grand Parc clinic in Guyancourt (78) in order to set up an analysis of the current practice of hypnosis in this establishment until September 2020. The objective is to collect generic data on care practices: time of a hypnosis session, profile of the patients receiving treatment, reason for prescribing hypnosis. 

An audit of the care data will then be carried out by the Medical Department and a feedback questionnaire will be proposed to the carers by the Korian Foundation.

This feedback will be used to support the development of a clinical study protocol on hypnosis. Analysing the practice in one establishment allows the design of a realistic and applicable protocol that can then be easily deployed in other clinics. The reality of the field makes it possible to build a concrete and accessible research, whose objectives come as close as possible to the questions posed by current practice.


next steps


The restitution of this practice analysis will be organised on Korian le Grand Parc in mid-September.

A study on Hypnosis will then be built on the basis of these results and submitted to the health authorities in the autumn-winter of 2020.