The Korian Foundation and the Ucly are participating in a research project on the vulnerable person in the face of artificial intelligences

The Catholic University of Lyon (Ucly), partner of the Korian Foundation, publishes the collective work Artificial Intelligence(s) and Vulnerability(ies): kaleidoscope - The foothills of ethics and law, edited by Marie-Christine PIATTI and Mathieu GUILLERMIN.


What is the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on the frail elderly person living in nursing homes? This is the question that a group of researchers involved in the "Artificial Intelligence(s) & Vulnerability(ies)" programme at the Ucly are trying to answer. When the human being seems promised to erase himself, to disappear, and to delegate his autonomy to intelligent machines, the question of the relations he maintains with his machines, but also of the control of the values, the finalities and the consequences of these automated processes which are made for the user but often without him, is then raised in a pressing way.


This book aims to offer a point of view that is in keeping with the complexity of its subject matter and thus crosses the views of researchers in the human and social sciences, philosophers and jurists. Its content thus reflects the encounters and mutual enrichment between several members of the Ucly research unit and other universities (within the framework of the book, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Université Catholique de Lille, Université de Namur) as well as with actors in the field of the Korian group.


Useful and practical, it has been written in accordance with the testimonies gathered from all the actors in the field concerned by the problem, elderly people, carers, helpers. It appears as a subtle balance between what the university knows how to produce: academic research in the field of knowledge and understanding and operational expertise in the field of reality.


The book is freely available online HERE