Nos champs d'action

Our activities

We are committed to giving everybody, regardless of their age, family situation or health, the chance to play an active role in society and gain recognition for their input. To this end, and with the support of its Scientific Council, the Korian Foundation focuses on the following lines of action:

Social value

To feel fully part of society or a particular community, individuals need to feel useful, irrespective of their physical condition or age.

Responding to this need to feel useful is a major issue for improving quality of life, maintaining seniors’ interest in making plans for the future, and simply keeping them involved in everyday social life.

Utilité sociale


Developing autonomy

Our contemporary societies are based on performance, speed, and individualism – the result being that the ill and vulnerable often feel excluded or marginalised.

To enable vulnerable individuals to continue to carry out their daily activities throughout their lives, the Korian Foundation leads and supports actions and research programmes that aim to prevent the loss of autonomy among seniors and maintain their remaining capabilities, whether in a nursing home, a clinic, or at home.

The Foundation’s actions also focus on highlighting the caregivers and carers who together strive to maintain the autonomy of fragile individuals on a daily basis.



Staying healthy at any age starts with easy access to healthcare in order to prevent disease and preserve autonomy. There also needs to be a more comprehensive strategy for each individual, closely assessing his or her needs, preferences, and habits. By better understanding each person's abilities and vulnerabilities, we can find new ways to help them live their lives to the fullest.

The Korian Foundation assesses and conducts research on innovative devices and support programmes to prevent loss of autonomy, and to promote effective prevention actions among seniors, caregivers, and professionals by making the results of its studies and research widely available.



Professions involving care and assistance for people who are vulnerable or suffering from a loss of autonomy have a high human component, and involve a wide range of women and men bringing all their commitment and expertise to bear for the well-being of those they care for.
This one-of-a-kind vocation means that care workers and the facilities in which they operate are also key resources when it comes to assisting families and promoting social integration at the local level, wherever they are.

With this in mind, the Korian Foundation wishes to encourage and develop concrete actions to build solidarity with caregivers, who are often faced with a range of social problems (salaried caregivers, single women, etc.), and with young people wishing to enter the care professions.

SolidaritePartnership with United Way l’Alliance: 15 young interns from a ‘priority educational zone’ middle school in Sarcelles were welcomed at Head Office and at Korian Les Merlettes (95)