Professor of Geriatrics

Claude Jeandel is currently head of the Geriatrics department at Montpellier University Hospital, having previously held several positions there. He is also the Chairperson of the French Geriatrics Medical Board. He is a geriatrics advisor to several French health and government agencies, and is an absolute reference in the field of geriatric and gerontological policies in France, and also for the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well.

Claude Jeandel was on the National Committee for the 2007 Alzheimer’s Plan, and co-chaired the “National Committee for Care Pathways of the Elderly” in 2013. He is an expert on issues pertaining to old age, and the author of a ministerial report, “Programme for Geriatrics” (2007), as well as a variety of teaching manuals – including the PAPA guide on prescribing drugs for the elderly – and 150 international publications. His work includes “13 mesures pour une prise en soin des résidents en EHPAD” (13 measures for caring for LTCNH residents) written in 2009, and “Consultation de prévention destinée aux personnes âgées de 70 ans” (Prevention consultations for the over-70s), written in 2007. His article “Comment adapter la prise en charge des personnes âgées en établissement de sante?” was awarded the 2015 Grand Jury Prize by La Revue Hospitalière de France.

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