Korian Geriatrician and expert doctor at the Korian France Santé Medical Department

Leila Laifa-Mary began her medical studies in her home country of Algeria before continuing her studies in France, specialising in geriatrics in 2012 and then in carcinology in 2016. She also holds a degree in Therapeutic Education and Chronic Pathologies.

Graduated in 2011, Dr Laifa-Mary practiced as a practitioner in a geriatric short stay unit in Sainte-Périne AP-HP then from 2011 to 2012 at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in the Geriatrics Department as a mobile team doctor, Day Hospital and SSR.

 In 2012, she left the APHP to join the private sector within the Pays de Meaux clinic.

She joins the Korian group in 2014 as a geriatrician in the Korian Joncs Marins Clinic where she continues to work as President of CME, President of CLUD and oncogeriatrist in charge of the associated Cancer Unit.

In parallel to her clinical activity, she joined the France Santé Medical Department in 2019 where she currently holds the position of Doctor for the IDF Region - Grand Est and Expert Doctor. This position allows her to see a diversified transversal activity: care pathways, training, project management...as well as the animation of the medical community at the regional level.