Doctor, Psychoanalyst, and Vice-Chairperson of Old’Up

Agenuine militant for ageing well, Marie-Françoise Fuchs advocates older people’s independence and their prerogative to serve a useful role in society. Being old doesn’t mean you stop living – quite to the contrary, “there is still so much left to do and to accomplish”. She brings her “not so young, but not that old” outlook to the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well, along with the wealth of experience she has gathered over the projects she has led throughout her life – and that she continues to lead.

Marie-Françoise Fuchs founded the European School of Grandparents in 1994, based on the same model as the School of Parents. Her drive to integrate seniors into society led her to create the non- profit organisation Old’Up in 2008, of which she remains the Honorary Chairperson. Right from the start, Old’Up has strived to “make the increasing life expectancy purposeful and useful”, organising initiatives and focus groups all year round to address the matter of active ageing. Marie-Françoise Fuchs has also written several books about grandparents, including her most recent publication, Comment l’esprit vient aux vieux.

Bibliography : 

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