Philippe Cahen anticipates what the future holds; not just in the next five years, but in 20 to 30 years’ time. Using “weak signals, snippets of fleeting information that spark ideas” gleaned from various sources, he envisions what the future has in store. Here at the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well, he helps us to imagine how we will age in the future.

Philippe Cahen produces and advises on forecasts, working mainly in the business, manufacturing and distribution sectors. He also gives talks about weak signals, a forecasting method he discusses in a monthly newsletter and in one of his books, entitled “Signaux faibles, mode d’emploi. Déceler les tendances, anticiper les ruptures” (A how-to guide on weak signals: detecting trends, anticipating disruption – available in French only) which was awarded the economic intelligence prize in 2011.

Bibliography :

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