Public Health doctor - Associate University Lecturer

Stéphane Sanchez is a practitioner in the territorial public health and performance centre of Champagne Sud Hospitals. He holds several positions in the same hospital, managing the research unit, the medical information service and the bio-statistical and epidemiological service.

Stéphane Sanchez's research focuses on health services, performance and primary care research. He has a particular interest in ageing since these axes overlap with this population. He currently has more than 90 international publications in the field of Public Health, Epidemiology and Ageing. At the same time, Dr Sanchez Stéphane is involved in many population health projects with a specific focus on the pathways of older people in the health system.

Collaborator of the Korian Foundation for Aging Well for 10 years now, he coordinates the production and scientific valorisation of the work.