Sociologist and Researcher

An expert on social innovation and technology, Stéphane Hugon is has written several books, including “Circumnavigations – L'imaginaire du voyage dans l’expérience Internet”, published in 2010. He has worked closely on the European Barometer on Ageing Well. He skilfully explores new ways of expressing subjectivity and social bonding, and analyses the shifts in ageing well.

Stéphane Hugon is a sociologist and researcher at the Sorbonne Centre for Daily Life and Current Affairs, and also teaches at the ENSCI school of Decorative Arts. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Eranos, a research consultancy firm specialising in decrypting contemporary technological imagination, and head of GRETECH, a technology research group.

Bibliography :

  • "Mieux comprendre notre besoin de reconnexion à la nature" éditions Vlan – 2018
  • "L'impact du smartphone sur notre génération", éditions Vlan – 2018
  • "L'étoffe de l'imaginaire : Design relationnel et technologies" éditions Lussaud - 2011