The scientific council

The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well benefits from the contributions and support of all fifteen members of its Scientific Council, which includes researchers, academics, health practitioners and care staff, designers, and non-profit organisation leaders.

Sophie Boissard, Korian’s Chief Executive Officer, has chosen Serge Guérin to chair this council. He is a sociologist and a pioneering specialist in ageing, longevity, and inter-generational issues. He is strongly in favour of a positive approach to the ‘seniorisation’ of society. Serge Guérin is a professor at the INSEEC Business School and is a member of France’s High Council for Family, Childhood, and Ageing, in the capacity of Qualified Person.

Find out more about the distinguished and talented individuals who provide their expertise and methodological support for our research and projects.



A multidisciplinary team

Sophie Boissard
Sophie Boissard
Marie-Anne Fourrier
General delegate
Serge Guerin
Serge Guérin
Sociologist and Chairman of the Foundation’s Scientific Council
Jean-Pierre Aquino
Geriatric Physician
Gilles Berrut
Gilles Berrut
Professor of Geriatrics
Philippe Cahen
Philippe Cahen
Philippe Gutton
Philippe Gutton
Psychiatrist and Chairman of Old’Up
Stephane Hugon
Stéphane Hugon
Sociologist and Researcher
Claude Jeandel
Claude Jeandel
Professor of Geriatrics
Loic Josseran
Loïc Josseran
Professor of Public Health and Researcher
Gérard Viens
Gérard Viens
Professor of Economics and Health Management
Stéphane Sanchez
Public Health doctor - Associate University Lecturer
Damien le Guay
Damien le Guay
Philosopher, ethicist
valérie egloff
Valérie Egloff
Regional Councillor of Normandy delegated to Silver Économie
Nelly Heraud
Nelly Heraud
Director of Research Korian
monique rothan-tondeur
Monique Rothan-Tondeur
Directrice de la chaire Recherche Sciences Infirmières APHP
Professeur des universités - praticien hospitalier
Cédric Annweiler
Professeur en Gériatrie
sophie moulias
Sophie Moulias
Médecin gériatre
Anne-Marie Armanteras
Présidente de Think Tank Health & Tech et le Conseil d’administration de l’ANAP
Richard Michel
Richard Michel
Directeur clinique Korian Canal de l'Ourcq
Catherine Cornibert
Directrice générale de SPS - Docteur en pharmacie