Scientific perpectives

The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well supports and implements clinical research programmes, in collaboration with renowned university and scientific teams.

These research projects bring together medical, paramedical and care professionals, as well as residents and patients in Korian facilities (nursing homes and clinics), within an approach based on action and training, in order to:

  • Develop and evaluate new therapeutic approaches,
  • Advance the knowledge of medical teams and caregivers,
  • Support professionals in their work,
  • Improve the quality of daily life and care for seniors.

All the results from the Foundation's work are made widely available to the public.
The Foundation publishes its results in different formats:

  • Research reports,
  • Scientific communications (articles - posters),
  • Scientific summaries,
  • Guidebooks and publications for professional and non-professional caregivers.



robotics by design lab

Launch of the first cross-disciplinary joint laboratory "Robotics by design Lab".

1ère Journée Scientifique Korian / Fondation Korian / Université de Paris
image/svg+xml Congrès scientifiques
1st Korian Scientific Day / Korian Foundation / University of Paris

On 30 January 2020, the 1st Scientific Day took place on the theme "Cancer and the Elderly".

ETUDE DemAsCH : Améliorer la qualité des prescriptions en maison de retraite
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
DemAsCH STUDy: Improving the quality of prescriptions in nursing homes

The dialogue between the coordinating doctor and the attending doctor in the service of Good Use of Drugs

Projet Européen ACTIVAGE
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Korian Foundation is participating in ACTIVAGE project

Connected solutions for ageing well

démasquer les anticholinergiques
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Better prescriptions: drawing back the curtain on anticholinergic medications!

Overview of the DEMASCH study which seeks to lower the price of anticholinergic medication

Jeu et maladie d'Alzheimer
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Play and alzheimer's disease

A recreational setting to improve quality of life and deal with behavioural disorders

Activité physique
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Physical activity at every age

Evaluate the effect of physical exercise on the functional capacities of people with cognitive disorders.

image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Evibe: the 1st immediate well-being assessment scale

A scale to evaluate the perceived level of quality of life among people with cognitive disorders

Blouse ou pas blouse
image/svg+xml Programmes de recherche
Street clothes improve the quality of interactions between caregivers and residents

Measuring the effects of caregivers wearing or not wearing a uniform.