Societal commitment

The Korian Foundation is committed to changing the way in which society views ageing.
To this end, the Korian Foundation adopts an approach that is both forward-looking, to  more closely identify the needs of seniors, their carers and professionals, and participatory, by inviting all stakeholders in the field of elderly care to engage in debate.
The Korian Foundation's contributions are available to the public in a variety of forms:

  • Societal studies
  • Expert viewpoints and interviews
  • White Papers

The Korian Foundation also organises regular conferences, in Paris and the regions, in order to share its work and reflections on a broad scale, and to encourage debate:

  • The Korian Foundation breakfast programmes: quarterly meetings in the regions, around a societal theme that is determined each year, bringing together health professionals, residents and patients, families and regional stakeholders. These encourage the sharing of experiences emanating from overlapping perspectives, to foster enriched, productive reflection.
  • The Korian Foundation’s studio discussions: bi-monthly meetings in Paris, bringing together experts, healthcare professionals and politicians around a specific theme related to the Foundation’s work. Hosted by Serge Guerin, the studio discussions invite the various stakeholders to engage in debate and action.

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